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We're hiring for our new ABA Clinic! Please see our open positions below.


Full-Time/Part-Time Available

Apply by sending your resume and a brief cover letter to

Job Description:

Zephyr values authenticity, integrity, teamwork, and play.


If your values align with ours, we’d love to hear from you! We are seeking passionate, energetic, fun-loving behavior therapists to deliver 1:1 Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to clients aged 2-6 in a center-based setting. Our vision is to create a nurturing, preschool alternative environment for children with autism using the principles of ABA to teach them skills that matter. Using naturalistic teaching strategies, we hope to teach our clients how to self-direct their own learning and play, as well as express their unique personalities.


Behavior therapists will receive training on Applied Behavior Analysis and how to deliver high quality therapy.



  • Implement Applied Behavior Analysis programming with integrity to teach children with autism skills for independence, such as communication, peer interaction, self-care, play skills, and more!

  • Engage in high affect play with clients

  • Implement behavior support plans when challenging behaviors occur

  • Record data in the moment on client performance

  • Report data on client progress using online data collection software

  • Receive and implement feedback from supervisors

  • Communicate with BCBA and report on client progress

  • Communicate with parents at pick-up and drop-off regarding their child’s day

  • Change diapers and perform other basic care tasks


Skills & Qualifications:


  • High School Diploma (required)

  • Bachelor’s degree (preferred)

  • Previous experience working with children (required)

  • Experience working with children with disabilities a plus

  • Strong communication skills

  • Creative problem solving

  • Compassionate, empathetic, team player

  • Ability to obtain Registered Behavior Technician certification as required

  • Must be able to lift, transport, and chase clients (minimum 30lb)

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