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Real Change Impacts Real People

The goal of our ABA services is to support children and families with building meaningful skills and reducing potentially harmful or interfering behaviors. Learning in ABA therapy should be FUN and engaging, and should always consider the interests of the child. ABA can be used to teach communication, play skills, social skills, daily living skills, understanding and following instructions, and so much more!


Evidence-Based Interventions

Our services and approach are informed by the evidence-based principles of behavior analysis. Each child receives individualized programming that is designed to support their unique strengths and needs. This individualized treatment plan is implemented by caring and compassionate behavior analysis professionals. We maintain a ratio of 1:1, ensuring each child receives the individualized care and instruction they need to grow and thrive.


Authentic Growth and Development

While some ABA programs may be designed to make children with autism seem indistinguishable from their peers, our goal is to support our clients with authentic communication and self expression. We combine this customized, compassionate approach with data-driven results to ensure our clients are demonstrating meaningful progress. Our clinicians review progress data on a regular basis and make changes to interventions based on data analysis.

ABA Therapy


Not all ABA therapy is created equal! Zephyr exists to do ABA differently. We are not your average ABA agency, and we are proud to stand out! 

What we do

Celebrate individual interests

Teach through play and meaningful daily routines

Encourage authentic social interactions

Presume competence

Support self-regulation

Create a sensory rich learning environment

What we don't do

Discourage or limit interest-based play

Teach through repetitive questions and instructions during table time

Force eye contact

Force compliance

Punish or attempt to reduce stimming

Use pictures and flashcards as learning materials

Curious about the learning environment at our center?


A Values-Based Approach

Our values are present throughout everything we do - from the services we provide to the team culture we build with our families and staff members. It is our goal to provide the highest quality ABA services, and build a positive and supportive community in the process.


At Zephyr we want you to be you!


We are honest and hold fast to our beliefs


We know we can achieve more when we work together


Play is at the heart of what we do. We value creative silliness and fun-loving spirit.

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