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"When a flower doesn't bloom, we fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower" - Alexander Den Heijer

What we do

Zephyr's Preschool and Kindergarten alternative program offers children with autism the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace, with the customized support and 1:1 attention they need to thrive. We provide center-based ABA services to children with autism at our center in Hatfield, MA. Children may attend our program full time instead of preschool or kindergarten, or in combination with school in a part-time capacity.

First and foremost, we want our clients to love learning. At Zephyr, we challenge the stereotype of monotonous and repetitive ABA therapy by centering our curriculum around play. We weave together data-driven results with a nurturing, fun-loving environment to create the most balanced intervention. 


Our program may be a good fit for your child and your family if...

Your child is between the ages of 2-6

They have an autism diagnosis or an upcoming autism evaluation

Traditional school or daycare programs haven't felt like quite the right fit

Traditional school or daycare programs aren't able to offer intensive support

Your child has trouble communicating their wants, needs, thoughts, and opinions


A Day at Zephyr

Circle Time

Centers Activities

Group Mealtimes

Kids multiple use space where we learn to eat, share, play, and socialize with peers! An all child-led naturalistic approach



Peer-Based Play

Outside Play

What do children learn at Zephyr?


Children learn to communicate their wants, needs, thoughts, and opinions through a variety of different modes of communication. They also learn to process and respond to language and communication presented to them, including responding to instructions, safety directions, and questions.

Play & Leisure

Children are encouraged to sustain engagement in play and leisure activities that bring them genuine joy. They are also exposed to new activities, toys, and materials to expand their interests. Diverse learning opportunities are presented during enriching and highly motivating play.

Social Emotional

Children at Zephyr are surrounded by an incredibly caring and compassionate community. They develop strong bonds and relationships with a variety of adults and other children in ways that are authentic to them. They also learn to identify and express complicated emotions.

Daily Living

The daily schedule at Zephyr offers many opportunities to practice daily living skills in naturally occurring routines. We also provide intensive potty training support once children demonstrate signs of readiness. Daily living programming is customized based on what is meaningful to each child.


A day at Zephyr is full of enriching learning experiences and routines, similar to those present in a preschool or kindergarten classroom. Children in our program have the opportunity to practice participation in these activities with 1:1 support, preparing them for success in the classroom in the future.

What makes our program stand out?


Children at Zephyr are accepted and celebrated for exactly who they are! The goal of our programming is never to change who our clients are as individuals. We meet children where they're at and support them with learning and growing at their own pace. Part of this approach includes celebrating unique interests and facilitating interest-based learning.


The aim of our individual and group programming is to support children with developing a sense of self and sense of community, to promote authentic self expression and participation in community, and to develop understanding of and connection to the world around us. These goals empower authenticity rather than attempt to limit it. The message that children receive each and every day through our approach is that they matter and they belong!

ABA Therapy


Not all ABA therapy is created equal! Zephyr exists to do ABA differently. We are not your average ABA agency, and we are proud to stand out! 

What matters to Zephyr?


Ethical ABA

At Zephyr, we implement client-centered, ethical ABA. This means ensuring our clients are always motivated to learn with us, and never seeking to change who they are as individuals. 

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Compassionate Community

We aim to build community with our team members and families alike, creating a system of support for all involved in our program. We also intentionally build relationships with local organizations to strengthen the network of providers in the area.

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Locally Owned and Operated

The founder of Zephyr grew up in Western MA, and moved back to support her hometown community with a mission she is passionate about. When you call Zephyr, it is likely one of the founders will answer!

Meet our team

Meaningful Results

We design programs that make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients, prioritizing communication, social, safety, and daily living skills that increase their independence and ability to express their unique personalities.

Reach out to learn more: 413-247-6364,

How much does the program cost?

Insurance Coverage for ABA

ABA services are considered medically necessary for children with autism. This means that ABA services can be covered by insurance.

You may pay as little as $0 out of pocket for our program, depending on your specific benefits.

Our team is passionate about ensuring our services are accessible. Want to learn more about your benefits or don't see your plan listed? Get in touch with us!

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62 Main St.

Hatfield, MA





Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm

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