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We are accepting clients!

Ready to get started with ABA Services or Social Skills? Click here to fill out our interest form. We will reach back out within 3-5 business days. Have specific questions for us? Reach out directly to or call us at 413-247-6364.

Step 1

Fill out our interest form (linked above). We will reach out to schedule a phone consultation to discuss the details of our program and learn more about your family's needs. You are also welcome to schedule a tour of the center!

Step 2

Schedule an initial assessment. We will conduct a formal assessment with your child as well as an interview assessment with you. During this time, you will also fill out the necessary intake paperwork.

Step 3

Our team will take it from there! We will write up an individualized treatment plan, review it with you to ensure it meets your child's needs, contact your insurance company for approval of services, and set up a start date for services.

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